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How can we generate enlivening relationships with our students? Create welcoming and inclusive spaces? Navigate common ethical issues? Remain inspired as we encounter the routine challenges of teaching yoga day-to-day. Full of practical information for new teachers, this book is also much more than a beginners guide, considering questions that continue to arise through a teaching life.

With reflective and experiential exercises throughout, the book is designed to create different lenses through which teachers of all stripes and vintages can view difficult situations and amplify their understanding of what it means to hold rich and meaningful classes. The intention is to invite self-reflection and offer possibilities, without being prescriptive. Emphasising the need for yoga teachers to know about more than alignment and sequences, The Yoga Teacher Mentor accompanies the reader through the rich, complex and rewarding process of teaching yoga.

A valuable roadmap for our evolution as teachers, this book is full of practical advice in a positive tone that enumerates what so often goes unspoken in our profession.”—Lizzie Lassater, yoga teacher and designer

Packed with practical exercises and advice, this book offers realistic and wise counsel in navigating the rage of common, yet tricky, situations faced by yoga teachers every day.”—Catherine Annis, senior teacher and founder of Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training

Everything an aspiring or experienced yoga teacher wishes they’d known, things they hadn’t thought to consider, plus plenty more to contemplate and ponder.”—Dina (Medina) Cohen, yoga and mindfulness educator, mentor, and teacher trainer


The Yoga Teacher Mentor is available from all the usual book sellers. You can buy it from me here.

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