Open Floor dance movement, Dancing in the Urban Wild

Dancing in the Urban Wild is an opportunity to dance together with others in the wild(ish) spaces of south-east London. Expect oak trees, birds, dogs, spontaneous artworks, the occasional spectator, great company, and general joy and life-enhancement. There is a little simple, non-directive facilitation, but the emphasis is on freedom to emerge your own dance in your own way, in response to nature and the other dancers. We dance through a cycle or two – starting small, rising to a crescendo and slowing to a pause – to an eclectic mix of music. All are welcome. Dance experience and aptitude are pretty irrelevant; more important is curiosity about what happens when you put your body in motion.

These events are pop-up, so check back here, see the facebook group or join the email list to be kept up to date.


Date of the next: Saturday 3 April. 
Time: 11.30am–1.30pm.

Place: Plumstead Common picnic area.
Cost: £14 regular income / £12 low income / £10 financial hardship. To decide which rate is appropriate for you, please see the fee policy
Places: 15.
Booking: Essential. Go here.

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