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Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat |online mentor group 

Hypermobile people are generally over-represented in the yoga world, where we may be initially successful at reproducing challenging asana – but for many of us practice eventually descends into a series of recurring injuries or unexplained pain. We may receive praise for our flexibility, but seldom recognition of our many unique struggles in yoga or guidance about how to to access postures in a more stable and functional way.

The intersection between yoga and hypermobility is complex, and little about hypermobility is clear-cut or generalisable to every hypermobile person. With that in mind, this group will be a shared exploration, drawing upon all of our experiences. What we cover in the group will reflect the interests of participants, but may include:

  • What hypermobility is and how it affects us

  • Co-occurring conditions and how they show up in yoga practice

  • Strength and stability inside and outside yoga

  • Hypermobility, neurodivergence and yoga

  • Yoga practices and nervous system regulation

  • Which teaching settings best serve hypermobile students

  • Working with musculoskeletal issues in asana

  • Students with complex needs and teachers' scope of practice

  • Postures and practices that are ‘good’ / ‘bad for hypermobility

  • Dizziness, pranayama struggles and orthostatic issues

The intention will be to build trust so that we can share and work together with confidence. Because of this, you need to be able to commit to attending the group live online (in real time). Session recordings will be available as a reference only to those who attended the session.

Who is it for?

  • Yoga practitioners who are, or think they may be, hypermobile

  • Yoga teachers who are, or think they may be, hypermobile

  • Non-hypermobile yoga teachers

About Jess
I have been practising yoga in a hypermobile body for over 40 years, and teaching hypermobile students for more than 20. Although I've garnered a lot of knowledge and experience and written a
book along the way, I donsee myself as an expert in hypermobility. My skill is in accompanying hypermobile practitioners on the yoga journey and holding space for what wants to unfold for each unique individual. You can find out more about me here.

Dates: Please contact to be added to the email list for information.

What people say about Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat workshops
Jess’s teaching on hypermobility is eye-opening, fascinating. I recommend it very highly for anyone who is hypermobile, suspects they might be, or who teaches labelled or unlabelled hypermobile students.”—Sally Lander (yoga teacher)

I can't recommend this workshop enough. It’s fantastic!—Paul Thomson (yoga teacher)

An excellent workshop. Jess is clearly very knowledgeable in this area. I really gained a lot and have already put some of the teachings in practice – my students are very grateful!—Nicola Harpin (yoga teacher)

I thoroughly enjoyed the hypermobility workshop. Jess made it such a lovely experience – interesting, explorative – and it was so nice to be around people with similar issues. I would seriously recommend this workshop to all.”—Hannah McCarthy (hypermobile yoga teacher trainee)

I really enjoyed these workshops. Jess’s knowledge is phenomenal, and she delivers it in a really accessible and approachable way.”—Jane (hypermobile yoga teacher)

What I learned during this workshop has had a massive positive impact on me and how I look after my body. All the aches and pains, and the difficulties I had with my posture and gait and with yoga poses now make so much sense. I’ve been able to use what I learned to start making some changes to how I live and move, and I feel so much better for it. Perhaps, most importantly, I now know how to make sure I’m properly relaxed to help stop the old autonomic nervous system kicking in even when I’m lying down!Susanna Jolly (hypermobile yoga practitioner)

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