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Are you a hypermobile ashtanga vinyasa practitioner and:


  • Confused about how to create a practice that is helpful rather than harmful?

  • Experiencing injuries, pain or dislocations in your practice?

  • Finding it difficult to know exactly what your body is doing in asana?

  • Looking for detailed individual attention from a teacher who has been practising yoga in a hypermobile body for decades and has extensive experience of working with students with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Ehlers-Danlos and Marfan Syndrome?

Are you a yoga teacher (any style) and:

  • Looking for information about, and support in, teaching a hypermobile student (or students) in a helpful and effective way?

I offer private sessions from my own space in London SE18 for hypermobile ashtanga vinyasa practitioners and for yoga teachers (any style) working with hypermobile students. The cost is £80 for a one-hour session. (For international payments, there is an additional 10 per cent charge. This is to cover transfer fees.)

I can also work privately with a yoga teacher together with their hypermobile student / students (up to three maximum).

Please be aware that I don’t teach yoga to hypermobile beginners.

To book a session, please contact me.

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