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This book is about becoming embodied through movement, and about how Autism and hypermobility colour that process. It isn’t concerned with techniques, with ‘how to’, but with experiences, ‘what it’s like to’: the bumpy, lumpy, slidy, sometimes joyful, sometimes terrifying, mostly unpredictable, left-field process of being and moving in this human body. The author’s primary grounds of exploration have been ashtanga vinyasa yoga and conscious dance. In this book, she reflects on both practising and teaching these forms, as well as on the co-arising practice of writing about all of it.


“A moving and intimate account of what the world of somatic practices looks like from the perspective of someone who is both Autistic and hypermobile. Jess writes with such mastery of the words, poetics and imagery. Poignant, insightful, and timely.” Alex Svoboda, PhD, founder of freedomDANCE


“Jess offers a beautiful meditation on her life, on what is really going on behind her eyes as a neurodivergent person. She shares deep insight into how she has seen and processed the world, at the same time offering the reader the opportunity to look more deeply into how they can find this insight in themselves.” Scott Johnson, director of Stillpoint Yoga London


“Jess’s words are a must-read for any student or teacher of movement who wants to understand some of what an inclusive movement space might need to incorporate.” Jane Belshaw, 5Rhythms™ teacher, Open Floor teacher

Ravelled Up is available from Amazon. Find it here.

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