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This book is an exploration of the neglected area of yoga and hypermobility. Hypermobile people are generally over-represented in yoga classes, yet often go unrecognised and receive little guidance about how to practise in hypermobility-friendly ways. Many yoga teachers have received little or no training about how to work with this vulnerable population.


The book considers what hypermobility is and offers teachers general guidelines as well as specific practical techniques for including hypermobile students safely and effectively in classes. For hypermobile students themselves there are lots of suggestions for making a yoga practice helpful and beneficial.


Also including information about co-existing conditions, the intersection of hypermobility with neurodiversity, and much more, Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat is the go-to resource for both hypermobile yoga practitioners and yoga teachers encountering hypermobile students.


“A wonderful resource for yoga teachers and students alike. I would recommend this to be on every teacher training’s book list.” Dr Abby Hoffmann, Director of Embodied Dancer yoga teacher training, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance


“A must-read for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and teaching skills relating to the important topic of hypermobility within a yoga setting.” Stuart Girling, founder of


“Jess’s knowledge of hypermobility and yoga is second to none. Her book needs to be in every yoga and dance teacher's library.” Susanne Lahusen, Yoga Campus, London Contemporary Dance School

Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat is available from all the usual book sellers. To buy it from me, go here.

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