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This is an opportunity to learn ashtanga vinyasa in the traditional way. The practice is friendly and accessible, and everyone is welcome, including absolute beginners and  those who are neither fit nor flexible. I work adaptively and am happy to modify the practice for different abilities. It’s a small group (five people maximum), so you will receive lots of individual attention. If you have Mysore experience, you are also welcome to join us online.

In a Mysore class, everyone works through a sequence of postures at their own pace, and the teacher helps people individually. This means I am able to get to know you and your practice well and can offer assistance specific to you. If you’re a beginner, you will receive a thorough grounding in all the basics and will be introduced to new postures gradually, as you’re ready for them.

If you’ve been doing led classes and are not sure which posture comes where, don’t worry; I’m there to help you to learn the sequence, and you can ask at any time you get stuck. You definitely don’t need to know the series before you join!

Experienced Mysoris, I can teach up to the beginning postures of the third series.

The energy of the group breathing and working together in a Mysore class is amazing, so motivating yourself is easy, and with personalised attention, students sometimes find themselves able to move into postures that didn’t seem possible in a led class. This is an opportunity to explore in depth, with an experienced teacher, and develop all aspects of your practice – not just the physical.

What students say

I went into my first Mysore class feeling very unsure and a little intimidated. But after the first session I was hooked. I’ve made progress in a way you just do not in a led class. Jess is always there to give you support in a calm and thoughtful way. She encourages you to try those challenging postures and helps you to understand how you can move towards them, so ultimately you achieve far more than you ever felt you could – but essentially she is always concentrating on you as a a person and your own journey both on the day and in the longer term.”—Lysanne 

Thank you for Mysore practice today. It was such a pleasure to be taught by you and the assistant teacher. All day I have been smiling.”—Bart

I did try another shala. It was nice, but it just didn't have that community feel that Greenwich Mysore does. The teacher was lovely, but I didn't feel there was that enquiry with students that I love so much working with Jess. The group at St Mark’s is small, and you get a lot more than just the standard adjustments. So, in short, I think we've all been spoiled! Even though it means I have to drive, I've come back to Greenwich.”—Claire

The switch from a led to a Mysore class can be daunting. Do I know the sequence? How fast / slow do I go? How many sun salutations did I just do? My mind is constantly wandering. After a couple of sessions though, it becomes clear that the body’s memory holds everything you need. With so much new detail to learn from Jess, and with her amazing adjustments, new ways of being in the body and mind gradually – and amazingly – become possible. Walking out of the class every week I realise this is one of the most important things I do for myself.”—Yana

Don’t know why I was so scared to try Mysore ... I really enjoyed it!—Nicola

I love my yoga practice and I am dedicated to it ... I now realise that Jess has been a big part of it ... I love it so much especially because I worked with Jess. What a privilege that was! The way Jess teaches, the way she explores the body, the way she approached each of us, the way she shared her knowledge with us, the TIME she gives everyone to explore, all that I learned with Jess, all the challenges ... but still not pushing at all ... and to  play and even giggle sometimes. I think I never said thank you enough. Well, Jess, thank you, thank you, thank you!—Monica

Day: Saturdays, except for the last Saturday of each month.

Early shift: 8.30–10am.
Late shift: 10–11.30am. If you have a long practice, you can book the second shift at no extra cost. (If you are a beginner, an hour will be long enough.)
Online: Join at any time between 8.30 and 11.30am.

Address: 68 Bramblebury Rd SE18 7TG.

Wheelchair accessible: Sorry, no.

Cost: £15 / £13 low income / £10 financial hardship. To decide which rate is appropriate for you, please read the fee policy.

Spaces: 5 in each shift.

Booking: here.

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