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A Thread Pulled Out Of Time | an online training in complex trauma work for yoga therapists

No matter their stated reason for seeking yoga therapy, what many clients actually bring to sessions are the painful and debilitating effects of complex trauma: ongoing distress as a result of childhood physical / sexual / emotional abuse, neglect or other painful and unresolved experiences. At the same time, many yoga therapists feel unprepared by their initial training to engage with this material. This training is for qualified yoga therapists seeking tools for working safely and effectively with complex trauma in such a way as to lead towards its resolution. It is intended to enable you to create clear, compassionate containers in which clients can begin to regulate their nervous system, reflect on their present experience, slowly make a connection with their body, and over time tune in to the important messages it has to communicate.


We will explore how to:

  • Listen to clients, validate their internal world and invite them into curiosity about it.

  • Work with clients for whom paying attention to their body is too frightening and is contra-indicated.

  • Be in dialogue with clients using techniques derived from Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, Clean Language and Internal Family Systems therapy.

  • Involve the whole person in consent processes.

  • Guide clients to titrate difficult experiences and pendulate between these and pleasant ones.

  • Discern hypo- and hyper-arousal and help clients towards nervous system regulation.

  • Guide clients into somatic awareness at a pace and depth that is appropriate for them.

  • Guide clients to connect with deeper self / the inner guide.

  • Hold clients in unconditional positive regard.

Each session will last two hours and will consist of information, experiential work, discussion and sharing of case histories. The group is limited to six participants. Sessions will happen monthly so that you have plenty of time to explore the material in your own professional practice. The training involves trust-building and sharing, so you will be expected to attend in real time.

What this is not:

  • A training to become a yoga therapist.

  • A training in how to make your sessions more trauma-sensitive (we will be looking at how to work directly with the effects of trauma).

  • A training in diagnosing using kosha-s, chakra-s and and other yogic systems.

  • A training in prescribing practices and postures.

  • A space for working on your own complex trauma.

About Jess
I have been in practice as a yoga therapist since graduating from the Phoenix Rising yoga therapy programme in 2003, and specialise in working with complex trauma. I am registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and am in regular supervision. I also mentor yoga therapists.


Dates: Wednesdays 28 September, 26 October, 30 November, 25 January, 15 February, 22 March.

Time: 11am–1pm.

Place: Online – you will be expected to attend live.

Cost: £240 regular income / £200 concession. Please contact me if you need a payment plan.

Spaces: Six.

Booking: Please contact.

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