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Still yoga offers an opportunity to rest in simple, accessible postures for a luxurious amount of time. Sometimes we may make use of bolsters and blankets to let go in comfort and with ease, or we may work with a little muscular activation. Expect a mindful practice, in which you are invited to look inwards and give attention to the shifting landscape of sensations, emotions, thoughts and breath. When we slow down and pay attention to inner experience, we may become more grounded in our deeper feelings, more connected to our authentic responses, and more whole as a person.


Still yoga is great for beginners and experienced yogis of all ages, and no fitness or flexibility is required.

Jess’s approach

Still yoga originates in slow practices I encountered in hatha yoga classes in the 1980s. It incorporates some aspects of yin yoga, which I trained to teach with Paul Grilley around 2010, as well as elements of restorative yoga – in which we work with the parasympathetic nervous system to enable profound physical and emotional healing to occur. Also central are body-mind principles from Phoenix Rising yoga therapy and from somatic movement practices, so there is an emphasis on looking inwards and fostering awareness of what’s happening in the whole person through the body.

restorative yin yoga, Jess Glenny
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