Wherever a dancer stands ready, that spot is holy ground.”—Martha Graham

Open Floor dance movement, Jess Glenny

Conscious dance offers the opportunity to connect with and explore your inner experience through inprovised movement.

This way of dancing is about being rather than performing, witnessing rather than spectating, feeling rather than creating smooth aesthetic surfaces. It is a form of meditation in which we offer our attention to what's happening beneath the level of cognitive mind, feeling into dances that spontaneously materialise and then dissolve. By putting ourselves in motion in very simple, immediate ways and witnessing what occurs, we allow a different aspect of our experience to emerge. This instinctive embodied movement offers knowledge that we may not be able to access through thinking and talking.

Conscious dance can be fun, therapeutic, playful, deep, creative, joyful, a form of exercise, a way of being in community with a friendly and diverse group of people ... or all of the above and more!