A one-to-one session is an opportunity to explore your internal landscape using dance / somatic movement, often together with voice, drawing and / or writing. This is a safe, expansive space to allow movement, dances, sounds, emotions and images to arise and move through you in any way they come. As the therapist, my role is not to interpret or advise but to hold a clear and capacious space for you to inhabit, and to witness what emerges in your movement.

You don’t need to be fit or flexible, or to have any experience of or aptitude for movement to receive a session. This work can be helpful in working with a wide range of experiences, including trauma, sexual and other abuse, eating disorders, addiction, questions of gender and sexual identity, depression, grief, life crises and making transitions. Some people use somatic movement simply as a tool of general self-growth and awareness, or as a way to tap into new seams of creativity.

I am registered as a Somatic Movement Therapist by ISMETA and work to their Standards of Practice.


Where: Sessions happen in my own space, Plumstead Common SE18. The nearest station is Woolwich Arsenal; plenty of buses stop nearby. Information about covid-19 safety measures is here.

Online: I also offer sessions online – the work can be very effective this way.

Cost: £80 / £70 low income; £420 / £360 low income for a block of six. (You pay for three sessions up-front and for the second three halfway through the block.) Blocks of sessions must be used within six months. To decide which rate is appropriate for you, please read the fee policy. For international transfers, there is an additional cost of £5 for every £100 transferred. This is to cover international banking fees.

Booking: Please contact me.

“Movement evokes, reveals and channels feeling, emotion, memories, images and story. It is in movement made conscious and expressive that we can meet all our life material ... When we move with the intention to express, release and transform our experiences and perceptions, then movement will change us. That is its inherent nature.” —Daria Halprin