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Embody is the website of Jess Glenny, movement teacher, facilitator, therapist, and writer about movement practice. I am based in south-east London, where I offer Mysore-style ashtanga vinyasa, restorative yin yoga, and specialist hypermobility teaching; Phoenix Rising yoga therapy sessions; yoga teacher mentoring for individuals and groups; and dance movement classes, one-to-ones and events. I also work online – and due to social distancing regulations, most things that usually happen in a physical space are online at the moment.

Moving body practices are ways of putting all of ourselves into motion. Through moving and witnessing, we create opportunities for what our body knows (but our mind may not yet be conscious of) to surface into awareness. By being present with ourselves in this fluid way, we are able to become gradually more aligned with our experience in each moment, and so live with increasing spontaneity, fulness and meaning. These practices are an invitation into the unexplored spaces of ourselves, a practical tool for living, a mystical path. Enjoy! 

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Last updated 08/08/20

In my wanderings I have visited shrines and many other places of pilgrimage,
but I have not seen a shrine as blissful
as my own body.