Yoga therapy with Jess reached me in a way that no other therapy ever has because it works on both mind and body. The sessions had such a profoundly positive effect on me. I have never felt so calm or in my body. I was very much in the present, in the now. I noticed I could breathe and there wasn't the same tension in my shoulders and thoracic area. Being able to trust someone does not come easily to me, but I felt able simply to surrender without ever feeling judged.”—Clara 

I realised during the course of this week that Sunday's session has given me more than over two years of counselling and that was just the beginning. I have spent so much time speaking empty phrases because people wanted me to find the right words so badly. I don't remember exactly when I traded my body and all the sensations for thought and reason, but words have increasingly failed me while I couldn't get out of feeling anything but numb. Thank you for this experience.”—Aileen

My yoga therapy session was relaxing and revealing, allowing me to release and resolve knots that were in my mind, heart and body. Jess was reassuringly ever present through this process and maintained genuine professional grace.”—Shawn 

I had my yoga therapy sessions at a very painful time in my life and found them (and Jess as the conduit) exceptionally insightful, grounding and powerfully engaging. The safe space Jess created allowed me to open doors within myself that I would have struggled to confront alone.”—Suki  


Jess built up a very calm, supportive environment which gave me strength and bravery to face emotions and give them space, which I normally would not do. The whole-body focus felt important to me as we experience everything we deal with with the whole body, and other therapies I have receiveed have mainly focused only on the mental part. Jess included the whole body, and that gave me faith to open up, not only to her but also towards myself.”—Anna


Having only had a few yoga therapy sessions, I have been astonished how much they have moved things around for me. At a time when I was scared that there was no way out of the darkness, yoga therapy helped me gently lift myself to a happier place. I think I am still digesting some of my discoveries and am amazed at how gentle a process the practice is and yet incredibly powerful. I can leave a session feeling as though I can literally take more air into my lungs.”—Rachel

Phoenx Rising Yoga Therapy
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy