I take a person-centred, process-oriented approach to mentoring, using tools from Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, somatic practice and mindfulness meditation. In this way of working, the intention is to honour the part of the mentee that already knows what needs to happen. Sometimes this means letting go of what we think we know, of our learned expertise, and trusting our embodied sense of what comes next. 

For me, teaching is a practice in itself, arising out of the primary foundation of our own daily yoga practice. It is here, in this foundation, that we find ways of becoming more present to our own experience, and so more present to our students. When we work from our own authentic practice, we are able not just to correct alignment and pass on techniques but to co-create a practice with our students in a way that includes all of their humanity on the mat.

I have particular experience as a yoga teacher / therapist in working with:

  • Ehlers-Danlos / Hypermobility,

  • Autistic / neurodivergent adults,

  • Developmental / complex trauma,

  • Eating disorders,

  • Professional dancers,

And can offer specialist mentoring in these areas.

It is the teacher’s foremost duty to give you back your intelligence, to return you to your heart, to encourage you to access yourself. They do this by being who they really are and by being completely honest and compassionate with you.”—Richard Freeman

yoga teacher mentoring, Jess Glenny