Mentoring offers yoga teachers a safe supportive space to reflect on their experiences of teaching. This is an invitation to notice what’s working for you in your teaching and what isn’t, and to explore new approaches and ways of being as a teacher that may make your teaching more effective.

We all face challenges throughout our teaching life – issues in relationships with students, struggles to teach with integrity in environments that may not be set up to foster mindful practice, making a living without burning out ... Mentoring provides a time-out-of-time to reflect on our experience honestly and from the heart. While there are plenty of opportunities to develop skills and broaden your knowledge, the focus is on your development as a whole person, on discovering your inner resources and evolving a teaching practice that derives from your own unique centre.

Jesss approach

I take a person-centred, process-oriented approach to mentoring, using tools from Phoenix Rising yoga therapy, somatic practice and mindfulness meditation. In this way of working, the intention is to honour the part of the mentee that already knows what needs to happen. Sometimes this means letting go of what we think we know, of our learned expertise, and trusting our embodied sense of what comes next. 

For me, teaching is a practice in itself, arising out of the primary foundation of our own daily yoga practice. It is here, in this foundation, that we find ways of becoming more present to our own experience, and so more present to our students. When we work from our own authentic practice, we are able not just to correct alignment and pass on techniques but to co-create a practice with our students in a way that includes all of their humanity on the mat.

I have particular experience as a yoga teacher / therapist in working with:

  • Ehlers-Danlos / Hypermobility,

  • Autistic / neurodivergent adults,

  • Complex trauma,

  • Professional dancers,

And can offer specialist mentoring in these areas.

Who is it for?

Yoga teacher mentoring is for anyone who teaches yoga, from trainees teaching practice classes through to seasoned teachers of many years. You may be seeking support as a new teacher just starting out; encountering issues that you’d like to discuss with an experienced teacher; looking for feedback on your teaching or more input on a specific teaching skill (adjusting, use of voice, how to include beginners in a general-level class, holding clear boundaries); in need of a space to reconnect with the source of your inspiration and refresh your commitment to teaching. Wherever you are in your yoga teaching practice, mentoring can offer you a safe, non-judgemental space to speak, receive and be witnessed.

yoga teacher mentoring, Jess Glenny