I really enjoyed every moment we spent in this lovely group, talking, experiencing, listening, feeling, supporting each other, being. Jess is a great teacher and I am very grateful to her for offering the mentor group.”—Larissa

I found the mentoring sessions with Jess invaluable to my development as a confident, competent teacher. After observing my teaching, Jess offered constructive, manageable feedback for me to trial in my next classes. I was able to draw on what we'd talked about and bring it into play successfully, delivering a class that I felt proud and in control of. I found it reassuring to work with such an experienced and knowledgable teacher who was there to answer any questions and give advice in a non-judgemental, personal manner. I couldn't have imagined how helpful Jess's feedback and advice would be. I would recommend it to anyone starting out, or to experienced teachers wanting to check in and have someone to talk to!”—Jessamin

I absolutely loved the mentor group. It was a great opportunity for me to start gaining more confidence in my teaching and self-practice. Having the guidance and support of a mentor and fellow teachers during this process has been invaluable, in addition to all the information and skills that we have shared and practised.”—Eva

I was in the mentor group for a year and thoroughly recommend it. I joined when I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the perils and pitfalls of setting up my own yoga classes and covering for other teachers while juggling this with another demanding job, my own practice and two operations. A year later I would say that I – and my students – have benefited enormously from the support of the group. This is also a wonderful way to do some continuing professional education – especially the adjustment workshops. Jess is very skilled at training teachers and generous with passing on her knowledge.”—Geraldine

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