The Yoga Space is in Gunnery House, on Gunnery Terrace, which is really part of Duke of Wellington Avenue (a major road that runs the length of The Royal Arsenal, parallel to the river).

Coming from the direction of the main Royal Arsenal gate in Woolwich Continue along Duke of Wellington Avenue until you come to Arsenal Way on your right, with Zeeba Nursery, on the corner. (There’s a big green cannon outside.) Cross over Arsenal Way to Gunnery House.

Coming from the direction of Thamesmead Continue along Duke of Wellington Avenue to Cornwallis Road. The building on the corner is Gunnery House. On the left, you will see a sign for Gunnery Terrace.

Gunnery House reception is not open on Sundays. Please ring 07930 829 271 and wait at the front door for one of us to come and let you in. We use the phone as a door bell, so don't expect a reply. Give us time to get to the door, as the studio is at the back of the building.