Restorative yin yoga is for me an opportunity to allow the body to speak and the cognitive (thinking) mind to listen, receive and respond ... the body to respond in turn... so that gradually over time we weave an intricate web of communication between body and mind.

I was trained as a yin yoga tacher by Paul Grilley, and my classes incorporate many aspects of Paul’s approach to yin yoga, and also some modifications of the yin yoga system. These are coupled with principles from restorative yoga, in which we access the parasympathetic nervous system to create opportunities for the body to slow down and for profound physical and emotional healing to occur. Also central are body-mind principles from Phoenix Rising yoga therapy and from somatic movement practices, so there is an emphasis on looking inwards and fostering awareness of what’s happening in the whole person through the body.

What we call a body is an open-ended expression of an ongoing universal process that is in constant flux, arranging, re-arranging and experimenting, as new forms come into existence.”—Emilie Conrad

restorative yin yoga, Jess Glenny