Essential oils are used at some classes (in a diffuser). If this will be a problem for you, please let me know in advance. If you you have any other allergies or sensitivities, please also let me know.

The Embody dogs
Our small, friendly and well-behaved canine assistant Hugo is at some Mysore practices. Tom the dancing dog (also small, friendly and well-behaved) is sometimes on the Greenwich Moves dance floor. If you need dog-free space to practise or dance, please tell me in advance so I can make sure the dogs stay at home when you’re there.

Perfumes and other scented products
Please don’t wear perfume or aftershave to classes, and as far as practical try not to come with other chemical-based, perfumed products (fabric conditioners, washing powders, shampoo, etc) on you or your clothes. Some people are sensitive to them.

Only clean, soft-soled shoes, socks or bare feet on dance floors please. Yoga is usually practised barefoot – but it’s fine to wear socks if you have a particular need to.


Photo credits
I have been fortunate to work with some very gifted photographers over the years. I would like to thank Andy Gill, Sebastien Pons, Javier Luna, Shawn Ballantine, Irina Krivoshekova, Elena Bernal, Kate Garrett, Angelica Berndt, Hsinyi Ku and Chris Lewis for the images on this site. All photographs are copyright to the photographers and may not be reproduced without permission.