This style brings a restorative emphasis to yin yoga, so we use lots of bolsters and blankets to allow you to let go in comfort and with ease. Expect a deep, mindful practice, offering the opportunity to rest in simple, accessible postures for a luxurious amount of time, enabling a long, slow extension of the body, unwinding fascia and unknotting and releasing muscles. You are invited to look inwards and foster awareness of what’s happening in all of you through your body. This is a relaxing and revitalising approach to yoga, offering a chance to slow down, pay attention and take time to focus on yourself. It’s great for beginners and experienced yogis of all ages, and no fitness or flexibility is required.

Invite all the feelings that arise in you

into the tent of your being. Watch them

with love and compassion. All is well.

—Judith Hanson Lasater

restorative yin yoga, Jess Glenny