One of the big things for me is that Jess is so absolutely authentic in her practice and it is an inspiration to know that that integrity underpins all her classes.”—Belinda

The sense of the presence of spirit makes Jess’s classes very special and different from the normal yoga class. Jess creates a space that feels sacred.”—Tinsel  

I have deeply appreciated the clarity of Jess’s teaching.”—Anne-Marie M

Jess is a fantastic teacher ... I am particularly struck by and inspired by her calm, relaxed demeanour. I pretty much relax as soon as she starts speaking at the beginning of the class.”—Leah

Jess is a very gifted teacher and creates a space where one is entirely free from judgement and the soft energy of acceptance is ever present. She encourages deep listening in a very profound way because she is so finely tuned in to the present moment. A class can therefore be full of quiet, gentle surprises and slow awakenings.”—Anne-Marie D  

Jess’s teaching gently reveals the magic of yoga.”—Yana

Jess is in a totally different league from other teachers. Her attention to detail is bar none. She is a fabulous teacher and I really enjoy her classes.”—Ljiljana

Jess Glenny, yoga, dance, ashtanga, hypermobility