For most classes, there is a scale of fees. I ask you to be responsible for paying the appropriate rate for you. I don't do any checks. Take this as a part of your practice – it is! Please take into account your circumstances. If you’re a retired person with two pensions and your own home, or a student supported by a well-paid partner, you’re probably not in financial hardship. You may be if you’re supporting other people and on a low wage. Please be aware that:

  • Classes and events have to be financially viable in order to take place.

  • The giving and receiving of teaching, therapy and facilitation is grounded in a balanced exchange of energies.

  • This work is the way I make my living.

  • Among the ethical foundations of yoga are satya, ‘honesty’, and asteya, ‘taking only what we are entitled to’.


If you can realistically pay the full rate, please pay it. If you need a free or subsidised class, then please do take one. I want classes to be accessible to everyone, irrespective of income.


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