Fee policy
For most classes, there is a scale of fees. I ask you to be responsible for paying the appropriate rate for you. I don't do any checks. Take this as a part of your practice – it is! Please take into account your circumstances. If you’re a retired person with two pensions and your own home, or a student supported by a well-paid partner, you’re probably not in financial hardship. You may be if you’re supporting other people and on a low wage. Please be aware that:


  • Classes and events have to be financially viable in order to take place.

  • The giving and receiving of teaching, therapy and facilitation is grounded in a balanced exchange of energies.

  • This work is the way I make my living.

  • Among the ethical foundations of yoga are satya, ‘honesty’, and asteya, ‘taking only what we are entitled to’.


If you can realistically pay the full rate, please pay it. If you need a free or subsidised class, then please do take one. I want classes to be accessible to everyone, irrespective of income.

Privacy policy

Embody is committed to protecting any data you share, and complies with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you have shared your email address in order to receive information about classes, workshops and events:

• You will only ever receive relevant marketing, from Embody, and never from any third party.

• I will not share your contact information with any third party.

• It's easy to unsubscribe from email lists. There is a clear automatic unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email, or you can contact me and I will remove you from the list.

• I never add anyone to an email list unless they have actively asked to be on it.

If you have filled in a class joining form or a client history form:
• Your information has been collected to enable me to work with you in the safest and most appropriate way, and so that I can contact you about anything relating to our work together if I need to.

• Your information is confidential but may be shared with an assistant teacher working with you.

• Your information is stored in order to comply with professional insurance requirements and the requirements of professional registering bodies, and as an ongoing reference for me in our work together.

• Information is stored securely.

• Information is destroyed approximately seven years after the end of our work together.

• You can request to see any information I hold about you.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Covid-19 safety

Greenwich Mysore

Numbers are currently limited to nine.
The room is sanitised before the practice and is ventilated whenever practical.

The assistant teacher and I teach masked.
The assistant teacher and I sanitise hands between adjustments.
The assistant teacher and I do a lateral flow test before the class.

If you possibly can, please do a lateral flow test before attending class.


Moving Space
Numbers are currently limited to 15, plus three crew.
The room is sanitised before the dance and is well ventilated (two doors onto a balcony).
I do a lateral flow test before the class.
If you possibly can, please do a lateral flow test before attending t
he class.

One-to-one work
I see maximum of two in-person clients per day.
If you possibly can, please do a lateral flow test before coming to your session.

Inclusion and accessibility
I do my best to create safe space for people of all ethnicities, sexualities, genders, neurologies and dis/abilities. As an autistic person, I'm aware that what excludes us is often invisible to others, so if there’s anything you need in order to have full access to a class, or anything you’d like me to know, please do 
talk to me – we can work it out together.


Most group spaces are wheelchair-accessible: details are on individual class listings. For more information, please get in touch

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