Greenwich Moves

Jess is very aware and always makes the dance feel safe and held. I love her gentle suggestions and the experience itself. I am very grateful for the space and for the opportunity to explore all the parts within me that come up as I move with others and with myself. It’s helping me tap into my joy and playful side.”—Lizzie

Thank you for such a wonderful class. Just what I needed, and the music was fantastic!—Michelle

I loved the choices of tunes – multiple layers that felt like they supported my dance in many ways.”—Christine

Moving Laboratory

I found the combination of dance, drawing and music stimulating, freeing and enlivening. It felt a safe, supportive environment in which to explore therapeutic creativity. Jess’s guidance beautifully balanced structure and freedom.”—Nina

I enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end. I had never attended an event before where I felt so free to be me and express a very vast landscape of my inner world without feeling in any way restricted. I felt safe and supported at all times. Such lovely people. I am so glad I went. I left feeling genuinely happy.”—Aileen

I have been blocked for so many years it was like finding a gap back in to my movement-based self / body. I realised I was actually having fun dancing to one of the tracks, and that’s amazing, I don't often have fun simply by being me. I loved that Jess created an openness within the group by her own dancing and singing. It’s a fantastic group. I look forward to how it grows and shifts.”—Kristina

Thank you for the lovely morning we had. Once the music is on, it’s a discovery of feelings, an exploration of movements or stillness, with body or crayons dancing on paper. There’s no right or wrong, only my own creation, my decision, my limitations. I like that Jess does not teach but gently facilitates and suggests. I want to do more of this.”—Isabelle 

“That was a magic Lab. Thanks, I had a blast.”—Rosy

Dancing in the Urban Wild

I loved everything about Dancing in the Urban Wild – the easy connection with the teacher and a smooth transition from the place where we met through the search for a good, green, grassy place with the sun and the shade, to grounding, stretching and to the dancing part. Looking at passers-by was liberating, and I was filled with joy from the barefoot movement with and in nature. Thank you.”—Jozef

I can't recommend Dancing in the Urban Wild enough! It’s special space. We spent the rest of the afternoon every now and then suddenly saying to each other, 'I loved this morning so much!' I highly recommend getting out in nature to shake-a-da-bum-bum!—Claire

Open Floor dance movement, Jess Glenny

There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are, it will deliver you unto the self you have always dreamed you could be. This is a promise.”—Gabrielle Roth

Open Floor dance movement, Jess Glenny