Dancing in the Urban Wild is an opportunity to dance together with others in the wild(ish) spaces of south-east London. Expect oak trees, birds, dogs, spontaneous artworks, the occasional spectator, great company, and general joy and life-enhancement. There is a little simple, non-directive facilitation, but the emphasis is on freedom to emerge your own dance in your own way, in response to nature and the other dancers. We dance through two cycles – starting small, rising to a crescendo and slowing to a pause – to an eclectic mix of music (silent disco headsets are provided).

All are welcome. Dance experience and aptitude are pretty irrelevant; more important is curiosity about what happens when you put your body in motion.

These events are pop-up, so check back here, see the facebook group or join the email list for the date of the next. Im hoping to be able to offer some dances as social distancing regulations relax.

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