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Moving Laboratory is a safe, creative workshop space for investigating some simple movement principles through your body. Each Lab is slightly different, but may include writing or drawing, a movement score and opportunities to share your experiences in words – as well as lots of time for just dancing. Experienced movers and those who are new to or nervous about moving are equally welcome. There are no steps to learn, and no dance experience or ability is necessary, just a willingness to move and pay attention to what you’re feeling, sensing and thinking as your movement unfolds.  


What dancers say

I found the combination of dance, drawing and music stimulating, freeing and enlivening. It felt a safe, supportive environment in which to explore therapeutic creativity. Jess’s guidance beautifully balanced structure and freedom.”—Nina

I enjoyed the whole experience from beginning to end. I had never attended an event before where I felt so free to be me and express a very vast landscape of my inner world without feeling in any way restricted. I felt safe and supported at all times. Such lovely people. I am so glad I went. I left feeling genuinely happy.”—Aileen

I have been blocked for so many years it was like finding a gap back in to my movement-based self / body. I realised I was actually having fun dancing to one of the tracks, and that’s amazing, I don't often have fun simply by being me. I loved that Jess created an openness within the group by her own dancing and singing. It’s a fantastic group. I look forward to how it grows and shifts.”—Kristina

Thank you for the lovely morning we had. Once the music is on, it’s a discovery of feelings, an exploration of movements or stillness, with body or crayons dancing on paper. There’s no right or wrong, only my own creation, my decision, my limitations. I like that Jess does not teach but gently facilitates and suggests. I want to do more of this.”—Isabelle 

“That was a magic Lab. Thanks, I had a blast.”—Rosy

Date of the next: TBC

Cost:  £14 / £12 low income / £10 financial hardship. To decide which rate is appropriate for you, please read the fee policy.

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