No matter about my lack of flexibility, I love Jess’s restorative yin yoga classes! And for me (with lots of ADHD tendencies, spacial awareness issues and a complete extrovert who finds it difficult even to shut her mouth!) being able to get into a meditative state is a miracle and such a blessing from the universe!”—Colette

I felt like I’d had a hug for an hour and a half by the end of it.”—Nicola

I love the restorative yin yoga classes. I experience really deep healing from these sessions. My back pain reduces or goes all together. I find that mental knots let go of me. I feel a deep spiritual connection too.”—Tinsel

I didn’t know about restorative yin yoga’s reputed effects until I had done a few classes ... At first I just felt like crying all the time(!), but as time has gone by a deep feeling of peace and calm has taken its place – so it definitely works!”—Belinda

Finding Jess’s restorative yin yoga class was a joy; a coming home. To find a teacher who cradled me in a vocabulary that resonated with my own, to be able to turn away from my mind and be led from asana to asana within an atmosphere of a moving and breathing meditation, not to have to decide myself what pose to do next, and for that guiding to make absolute sense to my body and breath is a rare delight.”—Jane