Restorative yin yoga is the union of two slow, passive, relaxing forms of yoga.

Restorative yoga has its roots in the yoga system created by B.K.S. Iyengar, considered to be one of the fathers of modern yoga practice. One of the best known teachers and advocates of restorative yoga is Judith Hanson Lasater, an early student of Mr Iyengar, who also trains restorative teachers all over the world.

Yin yoga was created by martial artist and yogi Paulie Zink, and further developed and popularised by Paul Grilley. Paul combined the long holds in postures advocated by Paulie Zink with knowledge from his own extensive study of anatomy, principles from Daoism, and the meridian theory taught by Dr Hiroshi Motoyama. Paul Grilley taught Sarah Powers, who has also become an internationally known yin yoga teacher and teacher trainer.


Invite all the feelings that arise in you into the tent of your being. Watch them with love and compassion. All is well.”—Judith Hanson Lasater