Moving Laboratory is a safe, creative space for investigating some simple movement principles through your body.

Each Lab is slightly different, but we usually start by checking in briefly together in words. We might then move into a dance cycle, in which you are encouraged to find your own movement to a variety of music – stretching, dancing, rolling; big or small, gentle or energetic, wild or still; on your own, with a partner, in a group. There may be a little verbal guidance at the beginning of the cycle to help gather everyone into the group, and each dancer into their body, and to offer some tools to enable you to stay present to what’s happening and to move through what may be difficult without becoming stuck or triggered.

At most Labs there is also a cycle of artwork or writing, and most Labs also include a dance ‘score’ – a movement structure for exploring a particular aspect of our dance experience. We generally come together at the end of the Lab to talk about any experiences dancers would like to share with the group.

Experienced movers and those who are new to or nervous about moving are equally welcome. There are no steps to learn, and no dance experience or ability is necessary, just a willingness to move and pay attention to what you’re feeling, sensing and thinking as your movement unfolds.

For all the practical information, visit here.

Embodiment is the cells’ awareness of themselves. It is a direct experience; there are no intermediary steps or translations. There is no guide or witness. There is the fully known consciousness of the experienced moment initiated from the cells themselves. In this instance the brain is the last to know.”—Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen