This is not a particularly Open-Floor-y expression of Open Floor. I work simply and spontaneously to create uncluttered spaces for being in movement and use less of the standard Open Floor furniture than you may have come across in other classes – so if you want the classic form, go and dance with someone else!

The structure I mostly work with in Open Floor emerges from the cycles of moving, witnessing, sounding, drawing and writing that I have evolved in my own dance movement practice over the years. To some dances I bring a score (a template for exploring movement), sometimes from the Open Floor, but my experience of dance is eclectic and I discover scores in all sorts of places.

It’s important to me to create containers that are both robust enough to hold safely and elastic enough to include whatever arises. I will offer support if you get stuck – perhaps by moving with you, offering touch, or suggesting a focus for your attention – but I want to get out of the way as much as possible, so that what happens is your dance, your experience, and I am a quiet witness.